The E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner

Hey there internet beauties!

Okay so I have a confession … I’ve been a pretty lousy beauty blogger lately – with the minimal beauty posts and what not. University has taken over and it’s really had to wrap up a long day with writing a post when studying has turned my brain to jelly. F.R.I.E.N.D.S re runs have pretty much have gotten me through it. Today not even the knowledge that exams are a little over under a week away will keep me from posting.
So that is what I am doing. Well not really right now I’m technically babbling …
How about a review now? Let’s get into that.
Eyeliner. Not the easiest product to deal with. Regardless of how amazing the product, it will always be a bit dinky applying it. Some days a good, some days are beyond tragic. It just comes with the territory – I’ve accepted, you should to. I feel like every eyeliner needs to be pigmented, long lasting and somewhat easy to apply. If these three things aren’t happening then the liner is virtually useless to me! The good news is that the E.L.F liquid eyeliner ticks all three of those things. While I wouldn’t call it bullet proof in the longevity department it does so well in comparison to many of the eyeliners I have tried (like way better). A definite recommend from me!
I of course purchased it off I herb at a ridiculously affordable price!
Since I’ve been away for what feels like a while and this was a short review I wanted to talk to you guys about a cool thing I’ve discovered. Being the makeup hoarder that I am I’ve been trying to find good deals and possibly even promo codes whenever I make a purchase. Both to save money and justify my spending (I know I have a problem). Usually I’ve just booked mark all the sites I like to keep tabs on like Priceline, Iherb, Asosetc and check them regularly. But recently I’ve recently found this awesome site that pretty much is an all in one thing that encompasses promo codes and alerts you to any sales happening! I was so amazed at how many categories there are. I’m not just talking makeup but food, electronics. Literally everything! My bookmark list is about to get a lot shorter and being that you guys are my peeps I wanted to let you’s know. I mean who doesn’t love being told about a good discount, well how about telling you about a site that constantly tells you about good discounts?
The eyeliner I just talked about can be purchased from even cheaper than it’s already offered if you click here. There are so many great ways to save on skincare and makeup from a range of sites, including Luxola, Dermoligica, you can even get coconut oil which I’m a huge fan of right here.
The Site is called Cuponation and you guys should totally check it out, there’s nothing to lose here and I’ve already begun the window shopping in my mind of all the products I want to purchase using these discounts and sales.
I promise you guys I will you see you soon, hope you all have a wonderful day. x

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  1. Rachel S.

    June 7, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    I will definitely try this product out, I love finding amazing new liners that are great!


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