L.A Girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer

Hey there internet peeps! I’m quite excited about this review since this has got to be the most affordable and brilliant base product in my stash. Sit back and get comfy for this one!

Coverage: high coverage. Definitely a concealer worthy of the name.

Longevity: it lasts a great amount of time without setting it. Actually set it and you’ve got yourself bulletproof longevity.

Formula: it’s a thicker consistency but still creamy and easy to blend out. It’s not overly drying but bit so hydrating that it will slip and slide around.

Packaging: squeezy tube with a brush applicator. I’ll be the first to admit the applicator Bugs me since the product tends to get clogged up and then it’s difficult to get out but the product itself is awesome.

Under the eyes or for spots?: Both! In my opinion I lean more towards spot concealing since I find that I’m quite picky with spot concealers so when I find one I like I cling onto it fir dear life.

Who would like it?: those who love affordable and crazy good concealers, those who love high coverage concealers

Who wouldn’t like it?: I feel like this concealer is a really good all rounder and I can’t think of specific aspects that would make people not enjoy this product. This one is definitely down to to personal experience.

Price: $2.99 AUD

Shade range: the shade range will literally blow you away. There are 18 different shades available. Keeping in mind this is a very affordable drugstore brand that’s a broken record for his many shades they give you. Just gouge the shade swatches and choose accordingly.

Availability: it’s a bit tricky to find, especially if you live in Australia but here are the following sites that sell it –


Overall thoughts: this concealer is definitely worth a try! It’s so affordable and so good you don’t lose anything by giving it a go.

Rating: 9 / 10

Would I repurchase it: yes! It’s a little hard to get but I have backups stocked and ready to go.

That’s it for the post guys. As usually let me know your thoughts on the product if you’ve tried it or just say hello. I’ll see you guys soon and have a wonderful day!

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