L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Foundation

*tells you she’ll be more consistent with blog posts* *doesn’t upload for over a month*

Well hello internet loves! I’m not going to even bother with a whole spiel on why I’ve been the world’s worst blogger and I really don’t want to make another breakable promise to you guys about being better with uploads. I will say though in the last 5 weeks I’ve been sick twice over, slammed with assignments and generally running around like a headless chicken. I’m back again if that counts with another review. Instead of telling you guys i’ll be more consistent with posts, I’m just going to work by actually giving you more posts instead of telling you.
 Anyway review time is in order so away we go!


Coverage: It gives you light to medium coverage, though it leans more towards the sheer type.
Skin types appropriate for this foundation: being an honorary member of the dry/dehydrated skin type club this foundation definitely caters towards those people. It’s not that it is super hydrating but it isn’t super drying either and the luminous finish gives life to our otherwise dull skin.
Longevity: it lasts the typical amount of time you’d expect from a foundation. It isn’t marketed as long lasting and being that it has more of a natural finish you can’t expect it to last all day. But it does have a good 8 hour wear ish before it starts to require touch ups and what not. However specific primers and setting sprays could help boost its longevity just sayin!
Application: Brush, hands, sponge. Anything works. The face expert brush is something I love to use with all light coverage foundations!
Packaging: Another one of those foundations with pretty standard packaging. It has a pump (Yay!) which is a pretty rose gold colour and you can see the shade of the foundation through the clear glass packaging. Beware of the clear lid which doesn’t do a good job of hiding messy foundation stains.
Formula: in terms of consistency it is what you’d expect from a foundation. Not thick but not super runny either, somewhere in between. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and doesn’t look cakey for the most part. But we all have those bad base days where even the best of foundation can look awful. It does have a slight potential on snagging onto dry patches, keep that in mind.
Who would love this foundation?: people who love a natural, everyday foundation will LOVE this one. Also people who love luminous/dewy foundations. It’s also a drugstore foundation so ya’ll looking for a reasonably priced foundation should check out this one.
Who wouldn’t like this foundation: Oiler skin types may not like this. Let’s face it has the word ‘lumi’ in it and you guys fight hard to keep the shine away. If you’re looking for full coverage and bulletproof longevity then this will probably not fulfill your needs.
Shade range: it has a pretty good shade range for a drugstore foundation. It does lean slightly towards more lighter skin types but with all the struggles us pale girls go through to find a good shade match we’ve earned it. The names of the shades are pretty weird and in no way give you a proper indication towards how dark or light the shade will be. So may I suggest just going in store instead of purchasing it online for the best chance at finding the right shade.
Price: $33.95 AUS you international peeps are probably thinking what the heck? I know right us Aussies don’t catch a break in the makeup department.
Availability: International peeps – wherever you usually buy your drugstore makeup I’m sure you’ll find L’Oreal Paris there. And Australian peeps will find this foundation in target and Priceline of course.
Rating: 7.5 / 10
Overall thoughts: This makes for a pretty great everyday foundation. It’s easy to wear, doesn’t make you look cakey and has an awesome finish. I don’t have any complaints here.
Would I repurchase this? Yup I don’t have any problems with it and you can never have too many everyday foundations to wear.


That’s it for the post. Let me know what foundation you’ve been loving for the everyday in the comments below! See you very soon guys! (You’ll see!)

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