The Maybelline pumped up colossal mascara

Hey Hey Hey guys! Normally I’d start the post off with a sob story as to why I’ve been a crappy blogger. This time I’m just going to get straight to business and actually give you the post babble free. Expect another one soon.

Formula: formula is on the more drier side. It’s not the kind of mascara that will last till you actually use up all the product. It will easily dry out before that if you’re not careful.

Uni lash?: no need to worry about that. It doesn’t clump so bad your lashes look like one. In fact for a volumizing mascara it doesn’t make them look so thick/full and volumised.

Price: $19.95

Availability: Priceline, target, Woolworth’s, big w, Kmart, any place that sells Maybelline really. International peeps should find this wherever they usually pick up their drugstore goodies from.

Panda eyes?: it does have the possibility on getting on your lids during application but I personally don’t have issues with smudging and this dint the water proof formula. Though keep in mind I don’t have a oily skin type.

Does it hold a curl?: not particularly well. You will have to recurl those lashes multiple times throughout the day.

Difficult to remove? As this isn’t the water proof formula I find no difficulty in removing this mascara at the end of the day. Little to no lashes have to pay either.

Who’d like it? Those who like a VERY natural and simple mascara.

Who wouldn’t like it? Those who want dramatic lashes with a lot of volume and length

Rating: 4 / 10

Overall thoughts: considering the reputation for Maybelline mascaras, this one is pretty much a dud. It isn’t overly volumizing despite it’s name, it doesn’t lengthen particularly well. Maybelline definitely has many other mascaras that outshine this one.

Would I repurchase it?: nope. This one wasn’t a winner in my books.

That’s it for today’s post I will will will be posting again soon! I mean it this time, so i’ll see you again.

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