The Beauty Favorites Edit | No. 2

Hey guys! I really think a post talking about the beauty products I had been loving lately was LONNGGGGGG overdue! You know I’m not the biggest fan of favorite posts on a monthly basis so here I am with another rendition of current beauty favorites *cue theme-like music*

Bys contour sticks: BYS never ceases to amaze me. They’re so affordable yet they have some really nice products. Me being an honorary contouring junkie of course I had to try these pretty much as soon as they came out. The fact that they are in stick form makes it effortless to cream contour. I’ve been reaching for them quite often

Bys contour trio – 02 sweet: this isn’t the must have of must have contour trios. That I’m willing to admit. But I’ve been using the blush shade as a eyeshadow a lot. I’ve been quite into the rosy/pink shades in the crease lately and I’ve been using this shade pretty much everyday AND I use the contour shade as an eyeshadow as well.

Makeup revolution mono blush – love: a fool proof blush! It’s very pretty, not insanely pigmented to the point of no return and goes with virtually any makeup look. I’ve been using this so dam often I literally need to place it aside and force myself to wear a different blush to mix things up.

Rimmel lash accelerator mascara: I have commitment issues when the topic of holy grail products comes up. Especially when people ask me if you had to choose one ….. What would it be? Well in the category of mascaras I have no problem what so ever declaring my undying love for this mascara. It’s amazing beyond amazing this one is definitely a keeper. I typically use other mascaras when I don’t want to waste this mascara on a pointless day.

Makeup revolution trio contour kit in ultra fair: I’ve mentioned my love for this product many times. The bronzer is an amazing natural contour, great for a transition shade when you want a more intense contour AND it’s a greet eyeshadow! The highlighter was always a bit too much for me. Especially during the day since sunlight can make it look like a fairy threw up on you but for nights and not so sunny days I’ve been using this highlighter an insane amount.

Chichi viva la diva lipstick – beautiful stranger: this lipstick is a fairly recent addition and my first chichi lippy but oh boy is it that good. It’s such a gorgeous unique shade and my go to for when I have a lot going in the eyeshadow department.

Lush mask of magnaminty: this is a rediscovery for me. But this time I got the big ass size since I loved it so much the last time I used it. I did get the preserved formula which has more honey in it. I love this formula even more. It’s the perfect TLC mask for a long week of abuse your skin deals with.

Urban decay setting spray: I’ll use this metaphor to explain to you how awesome this product is. Imagine the makeup on your face to be analogous to a phone. Without this spray your makeup is as fragile as an iPhone. With this spray your makeup becomes as indestructible as a Nokia. It’s that good!

Bys corrector concealer palette: yet another goody from bys! The free and yellow shades are my favourite. I’ve been loving the yellow shade as a corrector for dark circles and the green shade has been good for combating redness.

Ben nye banana powder: I’ve recently been using this a lot recently. I did drift off for a while using the chichi mineral translucent powder to set my concealer but this powder has snuck its way back into my life!

BYS highlighter kit: As you can tell I’ve been loving a lot of the products BYS has come out with and this highlighter kit is no exception! If it’s an overly sunny day I may be careful with not over doing it since it can be on the glittery side but this is a great product that has attributed to my highlighter fleekness. It’s also great if you want to get into strobing

Chichi mineral foundation: speaking of the devil, I have been using both the translucent powder and the mineral foundation in the shade faire a lot recently. Both I use for setting my foundation and setting my concealer. The mineral foundation is particularly nifty for setting foundation as it gives additional coverage without caking it up.

Model co brow tint: last but not least is this brow gel. If I can’t be stuffed to do my brows this little bub has been quite handy to just run throw the brows, setting them and adding a bit of an extra tint. Kinda similar to the benefit ‘gimme brow’.
Well that is it for my current favorites. Tell me what products you have been loving lately in the comments, or just drop by and say hey! See you guys very soon.

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  1. Jasmine Stewart

    December 9, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    I really want to try the Ben Nye Banana Powder! Love the look of the corrector palette you have too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. Miss Jaded Blogster

    December 9, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    You should really try the ben nye banana powder. It comes in a smaller size than the one I have if you don't want to purchase the jumbo version. x

  3. Iqra

    December 13, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    OOOOHHHH I think I might have one of those mascaras unopened! I rarely wear mascara so I seem to have one for ages, but I can't wait to finish up my current opened ones and try this out ^_^
    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x

  4. Miss Jaded Blogster

    December 13, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    That mascara is da bomb! You need to try it, you'll definitely love it. x

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