Innoxa Lift and Firm Primer

Hey internet peeps!
Well it’s review time and I’m really excited to tell you about this product because I feel like the brand as a whole is so under exposed. I’m so impatient I’m going to jump right into the review instead of blabbering on.
Here we go!
Hydrating?: Yes. One of the few drugstore primers that I have tried that actually hydrate the skin.
Packaging?: Standard squeezy tube packaging. Quite easy to use so now problems in that department.
Targeted skin type: Normal to dry skin. I wouldn’t say oily skin types couldn’t use this, especially if they are experiencing dryness but they would definitely have to go in with a long lasting foundation and possible setting spray.
Does it aid in enhancing the longevity of your foundation?: I wouldn’t say this singularly aims at making your foundation last longer, but normal to dry skin types don’t usually have severe issues with the foundation coming off. However in hot/humid weather where you are likely to sweat off your makeup I will say that this by itself isn’t close to enough to keep your makeup on. I would adjust my foundation choice accordingly and use a setting spray.
Does it blur pores?: No, but the primer doesn’t climb to like most primers so you can’t fault it in that department.
Does the foundation sit well on top?: Yes. It has a slight (very slight) tackiness to it so you’re makeup doesn’t behave like a barefoot person in an ice rink. It sits well, doesn’t cake up and really helps your skin not look to texturized.
Price: $24.95 AUD
Availability: Priceline and Myer as far as I know. This is an Australian brand, sorry international peeps.
Rating: 9.9 / 10
Overall thoughts: This is pretty much my Holy Grail drugstore primer. Drugstore primers can typically be a bit iffy or at least the ones I’ve tried have been, so this one is definitely a diamond in the rough.
Would I repurchase it?: I have two backups what does that tell you?


Well that’s it for the post guys. Are there any drugstore primers you guys are a massive fan of? Let me know in the comments because I would love to get your recommendations.

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