Benefit ‘Roller Lash’ Mascara

Mascara is something I do not skip! Whether it’s a full glam, no-makeup makeup (something in between) or I feel like a little something-something to spruce up my face (by which I only wear mascara) – Mascara isn’t negotiable. Usually, I stay in the drugstore realm because drugstore brands know how to make bloody awesome mascaras BUT sometimes you got to TREAT YO SELF & Benefit is the place for that.

So I am going to talk about a benefit mascara I’ve been loving. I have reviewed ‘Bad girl Bang’ in the past – click here to read that one.

Okay enough chit chat let’s get started.

What are the claims of this product?

This concealer claims to give your lashes a super-curl and lifted effect. It claims to have a patent-pending ‘Hook n roll’ brush that features tiny-hooks to catch, lift and curl even short lashes.

Do they deliver?

I always curl my lashes with a lash curler regardless of the mascara – so that will obviously impact how my lashes turn out. The mascara does however hold a curl very well! Between the shape of the wand and the formula being on the ‘wet’ side – my lashes don’t get weighed down.


All benefit mascaras are budge-proof. If you are a sneeze (during your makeup application) – be warned. I’ve been burnt before. Also taking this mascara off can be tricky (I double cleanse so it isn’t a problem for me as it comes off easily. A little bit of micellar water also helps if needed). So let this be a reminder to double cleanse when taking your makeup off.

Easy to use?

Yes. I don’t find myself accidentally transferring product on my lid/brow bone but with all mascaras, if you sneeze and/or blink mid application there will be trouble.


The wand has a curved shape – the inner curved part has lots of very tiny bristles while the outer curved side has bristles that are larger. It is a plastic wand mascara so if you’re not into that be warned.

How much does it cost?

$44 AUD (there’s also a smaller size for $24 AUD – if you want to try without committing to the full size).

Where to purchase it?

Sephora, Adore Beauty, Myer


9.5/10 – I have no complaints about this product

Who might not like this?

If you don’t like plastic-wand mascaras or mascaras that are on the ‘Water-proof’ side you may not enjoy this.

Overall thoughts?

I freaking love this mascara. It gives volume, drama, and a wide-eye effect. It holds a curl really well and doesn’t make the lashes look clumpy and gross. I have no complaints whatsoever and cannot recommend this mascara enough. I usually stick to drugstore mascaras (as there are lots of affordable mascaras out there that are awesome) but this one is worth it!

Would I recommend this to you / repurchase

I highly recommend this mascara! I love all 3 mascaras I’ve tried from Benefit and at first Bad gal bang was my favorite (still love it) but now this has taken place as the number 1 spot for benefit mascaras. I’ll definitely be repurchasing it.

That wraps up this quick review. Have you tried this or any of the benefit mascaras? What mascaras have you been loving? Drop your recommendations below because I am always on the lookout for awesome mascaras. Thank you for sticking around for this post, I love you guys and I’ll see you next time! x B

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    1. The Makeup Aficionado

      December 11, 2020 at 9:56 pm

      It’s so good! x

  1. Siobhán

    December 12, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    I haven’t used this in a while but I really do love it! x

    1. The Makeup Aficionado

      December 13, 2020 at 9:00 am

      Benefit knows how to do mascaras! x

  2. Via Singh

    December 16, 2020 at 3:13 pm

    I love Benefit Real Mascara. It is one of my favorite. But have not tried this one. 🙂 Since you love it so much I will try. 🙂

    Via |

    1. The Makeup Aficionado

      December 17, 2020 at 7:40 am

      It’s the only high-end brand of mascaras I think is actually worth the $$$ otherwise Maybelline makes awesome ones. x

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